Adam Selzer reads from ‘Leaving’

Sat, February 21 @ 8:00 pm
Adam Selzer reads from 'Leaving'

Adam Selzer will be reading his short story entitled “Art Garfunkel’s Old People” while accompanied by live musical score from musicians Peter Broderick, Cory Gray, Raul Pastor Medal, and John Askew.

The anti-heroes of Selzer’s work often seek escape from the desperation of both their external and internal landscapes via the open roads of the West, seedy small town bars, and the arms of temporary lovers who offer fleeting salvation.  And yet in each of these journeys, despite the protagonists’ attempts to ignore old wounds, insecurities, familial trauma, and long histories of bad choices, they are eventually forced to confront the magnitude of their own yearnings and loneliness.

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