Ecstatic Dance with Scott Schaeffer

Sun, August 26 @ 11:00 am – 12:45 pm

Summer 2018 Workshop Series

Ecstatic Dance with Scott Schaeffer

Find the joy in moving your body, regardless of how it looks to others!

Ecstatic Dance is a term used to describe free form dance and in general describes transcendental, sacred dance, and other practices of movement meditation. Ecstatic Dance events are differentiated by being inclusive to all ages in a talk-free space with little to no direction on how members are supposed to dance.  While there is no single format or guidelines that all events called Ecstatic Dance adhere to, as a rule there is no talking, no cameras, and no judgement, thus creating a safe and open space where you can turn your mind off and be led by your heart and your rhythm.   There is only the pulsing beat of the music under the bright light of day, best greeted stone cold sober and ready to groove. Plan on moving your body in a music filled space in a way that is freeform to the uniqueness of you!

While not quite a workshop, Scott Schaeffer will facilitate this event with a brief introduction, definition and history, of this form of free-form dance. Then join in as Schaeffer plays a mix of world and electronic rhythm and beats for this event.


Scott Schaeffer lives in Portland, Oregon and is moved by music, love, and laughter. “Through dance, we believe everyone can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to others and shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.”   


COST: $5

BRING: Wear comfortable clothes that allow your body to move without restriction and comfortable shoes that allow your feet to move on a smooth concrete floor.

All ages welcome. (Children must be accompanied by an adult if they are in attendance.)

RSVP: or 360-642-2542


The Sou’wester Lodge at 3728 J Place, Seaview, WA 98644


This class is part of the Summer 2018 Workshop Series. All classes are open to the public and all skill levels welcome. Visit to see the full schedule of artist-led workshops.





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