Larry Yes, Nate Lumbard, Ivy & Joel Ricci & Special Guests

Sat, January 2 @ 7:00 pm

Sail into the New Year with Larry Yes, Nate Lumbard, Ivy & Joel Ricci & Special Guests!

*Ivy & Joel Ricci* are a dynamic genre-nomadic duo traveling easily between territories of folk, country, soul, rock and “whatever that is”. The Riccis are multi-instrumentalists who marry brass, strings and vocal harmonies with a reverence for simplicity and chance. They bring with them musical nuances of the southwest, northwest, east coast and most recently, the culture of songwriting and listening unique to San Marcos, Texas.

*Nate Lumbard*, like all bards, is in search of meaning. Along the way, he seeks self control, questions the existence of God, and examines the fundamental nature of breakfast. He also plays music for his friends.

*Larry Yes* blends water with air adds LOVE and waits>>>>>sounds form feelings reasons form roads planets align people meet make love have babies live free follow hearts.

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