Samantha Crain

Fri, January 22 @ 8:00 pm

The Oklahoma born songwriter with Choctaw heritage, Samantha Crain, presents her newest collection of songs, “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree”. Teaming up again with producer, John Vanderslice (the Mountain Goats, Spoon), they’ve used synthesizers and string arrangements to embellish the heartfelt stories of the working class.

Samantha Crain Press Photos 2012 by Jeremy Charles

Crain’s songs are full of expansive melodies that veer off in unpredictable directions, with lyrics that explore conflicting emotions with uncommon insight and compassion. She has a jazz singer’s phrasing, often breaking words into rhythmic fragments that land before and after the beat, stretching syllables or adding grace notes to uncover hidden nuances in her lyrics.

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