Love Gigantic

Tue, September 15 @ 7:00 pm

Love Gigantic and band members Sarah King, Chet Lyster, Ryan Moore, David Langenes, Arthur Parker, and Lara Michel bring a bit of rock and roll to the Sou’wester! Let’s get spooky on this Halloween night with a dance party and Love Gigantic!


“Collectively, the six members of Love Gigantic have an impressive resume that covers considerable musical ground in the Portland scene and beyond.
Michel is a member of The Stolen Sweets, A Simple Colony and Swan Sovereign; Lyster moonlights with Eels, spent two years touring as a multi-instrumentalist with Lucinda Williams (and also played guitar on her Grammy-nominated Little Honey), and has played with locals Casey Neill, Fernando and Little Sue; Langenes is a member of Karaoke From Hell and The Stolen Sweets when he’s not painting Michel’s bathroom; Mengis, formerly of Climber, currently tours with Priory; and Parker has played with Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights, Moody Little Sister and Trashcan Joe.”

Love Gigantic, their debut full-length album was released in August 2014. “Full of rich harmonies, some wicked guitar solos and perfectly placed percussion, the whole thing feels like the complete package with more than a few earworms you’ll likely find yourself softly humming after you’ve shut off the stereo. It’s obvious that music is a lifestyle for Love Gigantic and something they do for the love of it. ‘What role doesn’t it play?’ they question. ‘Music makes everything else bearable. And it gives us a chance to wear fake leather pants.’”-Vortex Music Magazine

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