Secret Drum Band

Sat, November 28 @ 8:00 pm

Secret Drum Band is a noise & percussion ensemble that started as a four-piece in Olympia, WA in 2006. Lisa Schonberg is the primary composer, and many of her pieces are place-based and reflect on landscape, ecology, and soundscapes.

DSC_5726 Photo by Martin C Evans.

Instrumentation includes up to five drummers and two musicians creating noises, loops and tones. Secret Drum Band features Heather Treadway (explode into colors), Sara Lund (hungry ghost/unwound), Allan Wilson {chk chk chk, HITS), Sam Humans (modernstate/orquestra pacifico tropical), Alison Clarys (tiburones), and Anthony Brisson and Eddie Bond of Psychomagic. Heather Treadway designs costumes for the ensemble. Recently Secret Drum Band merged with HITS (Schonberg’s other band with Wilson and Treadway), and SDB is now also performing selections written by the trio.

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